Saturday, August 23, 2014


1.  I've been here for quite long time since January until now...this is not first time facing unsolved problems regarding UMK administration...Frankly, I really enjoyed studying here especially in Jeli Campus..good environment,community,lecturers and some of admins.

2.  This entry is expression of they dare enough claimed that "This is Entreprenuerial University",vision,mission were there (carved on the gate,hall etc.) but the principles applied too bad...shame.

3.  I don't know where they "kutip" all those managerial team actually ....Surely, I'm not the 1st person critised our own university,but I was inspired after read new entry in CheDet, it's persuade me to censure CPS and RIMC especially. Like Tun M said:

   “I did not say he (Najib) must step down, I just do not agree with a number of his policies. It is a reminder and nothing personal. Nobody dares to criticise him, so I am doing it,”- Tun Mahathir answered for his critism on Najib's government.   

4.  For me,as an entrepreneur, management is like "gold"..priceless!..every actions will deal with money,failed to manage can cause big loses to company. CPS boss said, after he took CPS from his predecessor and he aimed to "repair" the holes made by predecessor. Aiming for CPS will be chose by Alumni and Kelantanese.

5.  We told him after class, it's only can be achieved if fees reduced like another universities in Malaysia and few changes in CPS management. He explained about the fees include methodology classes and that money will be used to pay lecturers involved.Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin or Datuk Idris Jusoh should concerns on this issue, tambah gaji lahh for Bajet increment for lecturers as well as teachers got.

6. On ther hand, he promised that registration for postgraduate student doing Master or PhD by research can be done anytime untill end of semester. Personally I respect his vision as leader and this premise will be facilitated students to pay for "affordable" fees. Unfortunately, how this words act actually?...where his staff over power than him...everything must be followed as written in paper created by them,where SOP will be amended when problems cannot be solve.Cool!

7.  Aiyyaaaa...that's so cruel in our education,how could they dealing education as for thousands for mediocre facilities and for ....nothing?..ada la sikit...Giving time to Prof,mitigate CPS mess for better performance. I believed he can do it!
8.  Seriuosly, for this new semester I don't know where to find almost 5K to feed this "shark" again, I just have two choices.

  • 1st: Get the permission to pay by installment like beli MyVi ,
  • 2nd: Postpone my study... I knew my family status,I'll not burdening them again...

9. We were appointed as GRA since May 2014, till now we never got any payments except wang ihsan given by my supervisor. I dont know, how strict their SOP ruled by RIMC. Freak!..dealing with sweeted-mouth staffs,but working like..makan kacang,kulit bersepah atas meja..maybe they too busy,I paham....erm..but, we suffered!

10.  Actually we planned saving thousand a month and with that able to feed that shark, what happened satu sen pon xdak ley!..Without informing us, they rejected our payment application for ages then we just got the rejection letter through our supervisor.Hellloooo,just make a call is there on your table!..they gave very "strong" excusses," Sorry laa,lately too busy with meeting"...Sis, U meeting from 8 am to 5 pm for two weeks ka? free time to make a short call?

11.  I asked to meet RIMC boss,one of his staff told me..."Cannot do that,u student Prof busy..u have to make appointment first"..fine!..Till my body decayed,I cannot meet their Bos....lots of complaints on, but where we able to do that...Aduan Rakyat,Metro,BH or TV3... I really disappointed with RIMC sometimes,few trips to RIMC from Jeli never fuitfull...wasted time,money and iman too..mau marah ja.

12.  Few conversations with lecturers, they said RIMC really made they mad and dificult them doing research by their own money (grant).I guess not important to mentioned their names here,will not solve the problem withal.Totally pissed off but Alhamdulillah they still sabar...

13.  Therefore, I believed these departments have their vision,mision and great leader. I'll be waiting  for good news for sake of our goodness!...

Suggestion to improve these departments maybe can be adopt:
  • Ski with your knees bent.
  • Refine the skill of falling down.
  • Get comfortable with “close enough.”
  • Be happy with a “conditional yes.”
  • Remember that business model innovation is often as important as tech innovation.  
  • Think small.
  • Strive to understand and mitigate risk. 
                                                                                                                        (Business Insider,2014)

14.  I was in big stupid still being here,but my faith has written by Illahi,I redha..Early deal with UITM lecturer before I came back doing Master under Dr LSW's supervision..rezeki!very supportive and sempoi, he doesn't have any personal interest in whatever he did...yeah,praising merely meant I'm satisfied with him supervision.

15. Every classes I attended, our lecturers said "..whatever it is,please follow your supervisors"..FYI,I closed with my supervisors,I followed everything what ever they wanted me to do. In fact, the major reason I still here because of our business.

16.  I dont know who will be called me for this entry and my accountability to make "wake up" call to them.When they are criticised, leaders would realise their mistakes and quickly rectify such mistakes.
Bear in minds, leaders who are not criticised would tend to believe they are doing the right thing.As reminder, we are your wise!

17.  Believed , be patient and I wish Allah will be listened to our doa and everything will be done well. Transformation from inside must be generate or we will be far away from others. If transformation nothing to alter this situation,may be the answer is REVOLUTION!..


Friday, August 22, 2014

"The Wrong Direction"

"The Wrong Direction"

When I was a kid the things I did were hidden under the grid
Young and naive I never believed that love could be so well hid
With regret I'm willing to bet and say the older you get
It gets harder to forgive and harder to forget
It gets under your shirt like a dagger at work
The first cut is the deepest but the rest still flipping hurt
You build your heart of plastic
Get cynical and sarcastic
And end up in the corner on your own

Cause I'd love to feel love but I can't stand the rejection
I hide behind my jokes as a form of protection
I thought I was close but under further inspection
It seems I've been running in the wrong direction oh no

So what's the point in getting your hopes up
When all you're ever getting is choked up
When you're coked up
And can't remember the reason why you broke up
You call her in the morning
When you're coming down and falling like an old man on the side of the road
Cause when you're apart you don't want to mingle
When you're together you want to be single
Ever the chase to taste the kiss of bliss
That made your heart tingle
How much greener the grass is
With those rose tinted glasses
But the butterflies they flutter by and leave us on our arses

Cause I'd love to feel love but I can't stand the rejection
I hide behind my jokes as a form of protection
I thought I was close but under further inspection
It seems I've been running in the wrong direction
There's fish in the sea for me to make a selection
I'd jump in if it wasn't for my ear infection
Cause all I want to do is try to make a connection
It seems I've been running in the wrong direction oh

Oh I'd love to feel love but I can't stand the rejection
I hide behind my jokes as a form of protection
I thought I was close but under further inspection
It seems I've been running in the wrong direction
I'd love to feel love but I can't stand the rejection
I hide behind my jokes as a form of protection
I thought I was close but under further inspection
It seems I've been running in the wrong direction ohh
It seems like I'm running in the wrong direction ohh
Seems like I'm running in the wrong direction ohh
Well it seems I've been running in the wrong direction oh no
Seems I've been running in the wrong direction

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Queen Fitted Sheet Set

1 fitted sheet
2 pillow cases
1 bolster case

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Cadar 3d harga kasih sayang cadar +comforter +4pillow case+ bantal panjang.selagi stok masih ada











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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Jualan Penghabisan  Stok....

Cadar Single Bed

1 Cadar Bergetah
1 Sarung Bantal
1 Sarung Bantal Panjang

RM70 sahaja!... (including postage)

last penamat,last kopek kasik murah...

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kehidupan Baru di Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Kampus Jeli

Tahun 2014 dah start hampir sebulan...dan sepanjang itu lah aku dah start new life here as postgraduate student kat UMK jugak...kenapa pilih UMK,ramai yg tanya,jawapan guwe mudah....ambo suko KELATE!..tu jah...mungkin rezki dah tertulis disini,xjauh mana pon..5 hours dr Alor Setar..mudah ambo nok kelik nanti......Syukur Alhamdulillah..setakat ni projek Tilapia yg dijalankan tuk projek Master ni all in "pipe line"..Hopefully, bleh grad dgn cepat dan jayanya!....bila pilih UMK,ambo doh kenal dah semua lecturer yg ada kat sini,so mudah la sket...lagi satu,bila buat Master disini dapat sponsor tuk yuran...Syukur!..stakat ni ambo nok share lah gambar selai dua..